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Reviews From Trotting Krips is a community website which welcomes your feedback and submissions. Messages may be published and answered in the Mailbag section unless you indicate you don’t want your message to be public or share so much personal information that it makes us uncomfortable. We would particularly love to host any IF reviews or IF-related essays you’d like to submit. Note, however, that reviews of Madden games will only be accepted if written by a close relative of Robb’s. Just kidding…we’re so desperate that we definitely want your Madden reviews as well!

In 2019, there is perhaps no convenient way to share an email address publicly while also evading spammers. This means, unfortunately, that you’ll have to pay close attention to this paragraph in order to figure out what the RFTK email address is so you know where to send your quality submissions. Consider it a relatively simple puzzle that is your job to solve. Alternatively, you could just use the contact form below. That would just be too easy, wouldn’t it? We’re IF fans for goodness’ sake. We hate easy! Well, OK then, pay attention. The email address starts with trottingkrips. One word, no spaces, no punctuation. Next we’ve got an at sign. Not ATDT, not AT&T, just the at that is a sign. Next we’ve got the name of a particular subatomic particle. Not neutron or electron. Definitely not quark — this is a family site!!! Well, not really. So, to be specific, the next part is proton. It’s the subatomic particle du jour. After the particle, we put mail. Again, it’s all one word. There shouldn’t be any dots or dashes anywhere just yet. After the particle and the mail part, we can finally put in our first and last dot. The last bit is just com. Not COM1, not COM2, just com. And we’re done. Confused? Here’s a contact form that’s just dying to meet you!